Grow and Retain your software engineers with continuous learning

You want to grow your people

PropelUp helps your software development teams understand where their strengths and weaknesses are and helps them find the right resources to level up - all in a continuous process built for the way you work and learn.

Identify gaps and desires

People want to be supported and they also learn best when they can immediately apply what they learn. We help you do both of those.

Empower Individuals

You already support the ongoing learning for your people. We help ensure your efforts are successful so people feel more engaged and empowered.

Enable Leaders

We help leaders better serve their teams by providing them insights on the professional growth of their people.

The PropelUp Platform

Learning Built for Your Environment

Continuous learning is a key components to successful software development teams. PropelUp helps software development and other technical teams build continuous learning plans by helping their people understand what they need to know to be effective on the team and how they can get better at it. We help teams move from being reactive to a state of continuous alignment and improvement of skills.


Want to help your software teams learn more effectively?